Volunteering with Bosence and Boswyns

Together – You Can Do It!   Our Volunteer Empowerment Scheme

Mike Goodenough now leads our pioneering  volunteer empowerment scheme as Bosence Farm Community’s Volunteer Coordinator..

The scheme has been supported for the last couple of years with funding from the Health & Social Care Volunteering Fund, having been initially set up through funding from the Big Lottery Fund and the Duchy Health Charity.

In Mike’s own words:  “My journey at Bosence Farm Community began in 2014 when I was a resident on the Farm for six months. I began giving back by volunteering, then moved on to become a support worker at Boswyns, and eventually took over the role of Volunteer Coordinator from Annie Woollock in February 2018. I believe that my starting as a volunteer gave me a greater understanding of the altruistic nature of volunteering, and how important it is for some to have not only balance in their lives, but also a sense of purpose and direction. I am passionate about my job, and see myself not as a leader, but as someone who is there to support, encourage, motivate and inspire others. It is an honour to be part of someone’s journey in recovery and witness change”.

As the ‘Together – you can do it’ volunteering project continues to grow and diversify, we would love you to consider joining our extraordinary team of volunteers at Bosence Farm who deliver a diverse range of therapeutic activities including driving support, pottery, head massage, mindfulness & meditation, art, gardening, origami and walking expeditions around the wonderful grounds and field, all providing services we could otherwise not afford and we welcome any new therapeutic skills and activities that would benefit our service users and organisation as a whole.

This ongoing and expansive project also includes an exciting new innovative horticultural initiative headed up by our new Horticultural Project Manager –  Noah who’s plans include mixing organic growing and nature conservation.  The green space will be used for a wide range of activities including vegetable growing, wildlife workshops and habitat creation and enhancement. We aim to create a nurturing environment where everyone can benefit from fresh air and exercise, develop practical life skills and profit from the therapeutic effects of working outdoors with plants, animals and other people. The initiative aims to offer individuals the opportunity to learn and develop new skills in growing fruit, vegetables and herbs and to be involved in the creation of a wild flower meadow and small orchard. There are also plans to develop a woodland trail and a sensory garden. Bosence has approximately 20 acres of beautiful outdoor green space and is a place where individuals can learn, enjoy and gain inspiration from taking part in a variety of activities in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

We are aiming to recruit a team of volunteer gardeners to assist Noah and if you are interested in this opportunity or any of the others on offer, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We offer training, travelling expenses and meals, as well as a comprehensive support package for all our volunteers. These ongoing and expansive projects will benefit service users enormously, helping them realise their dreams and potential that might have otherwise remained untapped in a life of addiction.”

As well as seeking more practical help to support the charity’s services, such as gardening, art and music workshops and driving people to appointments in the area. one of the main purposes behind Bosence Farm Community’s ‘Together – You can do it’ programme is to train volunteers to provide recovery and peer-mentoring support for people with drug and/or alcohol dependency and living with poor mental health. ,

The project seeks  to recruit volunteers from both the local community and previous service users to become peer mentors. They support and mentor clients at Bosence Farm with a range of activities that help to build their confidence and self-esteem, develop their social and practical skills and improve their social integration.

Anyone interested in volunteering with the project can find out more information by clicking on ‘volunteering opportunities, or calling 01736 850006.

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