Some testimonials from some of our clients...

The world needs more Bosences.... Anyone who gets to come here is privileged
(Young Persons service user)
I had spent my whole life lonely, frightened and very angry but through the love and patience of all the team here at Bosence, today I am free!!
Boswyns saved my life (twice) but Bosence has given me a life I thought I would never achieve or deserve.
I feel more in touch with myself mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Engaging in this programme has given me the opportunity to have faith in myself. From the beautiful and tranquil surroundings to the peace and tranquillity within me, thank you...
Bosence Farm has given me the ability to live a life I never thought possible - clean and sober. thanks and gratitude to all the staff at Boswyns. Without their help, encouragement and support I would have carried on drinking and at some point could have died. I am really looking forward to going (to Bosence) to continue my recovery.
Thanks for having faith in me. You have shown me a side to myself I never knew I had. The only way is onward and upward. Here's to the rest of my life free of drugs. What price that!