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Therapeutic Residential Placements for Young People with Complex Needs

Adverse childhood experiences directly impact on a young person’s health and behaviour in later life. Early therapeutic intervention builds resilience and offers hope that young people can transition into healthy adulthood.

This service provides a non-secure therapeutic programme to young people (15+) with complex and escalating needs relating to:

  • Health & wellbeing
  • Social functioning.
  • Addictive behaviours, including substance misuse.
  • Mental health.
  • Childhood trauma.
  • Risk taking behaviour.
  • NEET / EET.

Set in 22 acres of beautiful Cornish gardens and woodland, the purpose built modern and spacious facility offers a peaceful and tranquil environment where residents can concentrate on getting well, free from distraction.

The highly specialised and bespoke programme delivers an intensive and holistic treatment approach, suitable for those whose needs cannot be met in the community.  We offer a medically managed programme of detoxification or stabilisation when required, overseen by our on-site nursing team.

We currently work with several authorities nationally who recognise the value of the unique programme we deliver, along with the excellent outcomes we have supported their clients in achievingClients accessing the programme may be funded by multiple sources; placements made have comprised of contributions from children/adult social care, CAMHS, community drug and alcohol teams and public health, and also privately funded.

A placement at Bosence Young Persons may also be considered as an alternative or step down from secure settings for those with some motivation to change.

Our purpose is to provide a safe, high quality and accessible treatment service in a setting which enables young people to develop and learn the skills they need to realise their potential free from addiction.

We recognise that young people are not adults.   As such, the development of the Young Persons unit at Bosence Farm was informed by research that identifies the critical differences between Young People and Adults which has shaped the programme of treatment.

Substance misuse in adolescence disrupts the young person’s development which impacts on their ability to transition into adult life with the skills they need.

What we offer

A comprehensive programme of treatment for young people.

We have a highly skilled and committed team of specialist staff.  We can offer a bespoke programme of developmentally informed psycho-social interventions.

The building is a high specification, 8 bed facility with two shared bathrooms, one of which is accessible for service users with a disability.

The programme is delivered to single gender cohorts for up to 13 weeks,  and can be tailored to an individual’s needs.

Young people will be allocated a key worker and have access to other support.  The programme is assessed in real time in terms of outcomes for individual young people to ensure its effectiveness.

Who is it for?

The Bosence Young People’s Residential Programme is designed for young people who are experiencing  a range of issues, including but not limited to substance misuse, and whose complexity requires a more intensive treatment approach that cannot be met in their communities.

 Who we can work with

  • Young people aged between 15+ who have established substance misuse problems with ‘sub-clinical’ mental health issues.
  • Young people requiring psycho-social interventions to address substance use and related issues.
  • Young people who require a more intensive treatment approach that cannot be met in their community setting. 

 Service limitations

  • It is not an alternative for young people who require primary mental/physical health care.
  • It is not a secure unit

Accessible bedroom

The screening, referral and assessment process

Initial screening of substance misuse and mental health will be conducted through the use of a recognised screening tool and Complexity Index assessment.  These tools identify those young people who have complex needs.

This initial screening and any subsequent fuller assessment must be undertaken by an appropriately trained person in the use of the screening and assessment tools.   This will be carried out by us or by someone appointed by us who is trained to undertake this assessment.

The initial screening and assessment process will vary for referrals from inside Cornwall and out of county.


For referrals from Cornwall:

  • Ideally, young people who live in Cornwall will be engaged with the YZUP Addaction service but we also take referrals directly from other professionals, subject to funding.

YZUP (Young Person’s Substance Misuse Team) Addaction

Western House, Tabernacle Street,
Truro, Cornwall. TR1 2EJ

T 01872 300816
T 01872 263001

Please contact us for more information about the screening and assessment process.


For referrals from outside of Cornwall:

  • Download the Integrated pathway for out of Cornwall <here>
  • Download the letter of referral template <here>

Bosence Farm Community Ltd
69 Bosence Road
TR27 6AN

01736 850006

Fax 01736 851064


Download the full guidance <here>

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The unit opened in April 2017