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Boswyns is a detoxification centre in Cornwall, where we offer residential detox for drugs and/or alcohol; stabilisation; and assessment of complex needs.


Boswyns detox is a 16 bed, short stay service for anyone aged 18 or over who requires a drug or alcohol detoxification in Cornwall, or whose drug use is out of control and needs a period of stabilisation. The purpose built accommodation offers exceptionally high standard facilities within a stunning setting in rural west Cornwall. All rooms are single occupation with en-suite facilities, including fully disabled accessible accommodation. Boswyns is registered with the Care Quality Commission.

Boswyns detox provides medically-managed detoxification and stabilisation for people with severe drug and alcohol dependency. This is provided within an inpatient setting by our multi-disciplinary team, led by our mental health and general trained nursing team and overseen by our Specialist Medical Officer, who is a Psychiatrist. We also work with those with substance misuse and mental health problems at the same time, and other specialist groups such as pregnant women. Boswyns works in an eclectic fashion and does not align with any specific ideology but prefers to work with the service users’ needs.

What’s on offer?

Boswyns detox provides medical, nursing and social care interventions in a supportive, structured environment where everyone is respected and included.

All service users will be allocated a key worker who will plan their care in conjunction with the rest of the staff team and our specialist medical staff throughout their stay. The daily routine is structured to provide a safe and constructive environment. We offer a range of interventions aimed at ensuring service users are able to maintain recovery gains whilst at Boswyns detox. A range of non medical interventions are available such as complementary therapies, life skills training and educational workshops. There are also a range of social activities available including gardening, table tennis, art groups, quizzes, movie nights and staff-led outside activities.

A key aspect of the later stages of a service user’s stay is in ensuring that they are fully prepared for wherever they are moving to next whether that be rehabilitation, structured day care or a return to the community. Practical help and advice is available to service users if they are undecided about their future treatment when they are resident at Boswyns detox. There is information available from, and presentations made by, other services to help services users learn about what is available after they leave Boswyns detox.


We are not a direct access service, and as such all service users need to submit an application for Boswyns detox. Once an application has been received by Boswyns detox staff and eligibility has been established, a full assessment will be carried out. We have a number of ways in which we can conduct this assessment including on site, by telephone or even by video conferencing. This assessment will enable us to assess the applicants needs and begin to develop their care and treatment plan. The length of time the referral process will take depends on how quickly we can get all the information that we need to make a decision about offering a place. We will keep the applicant and their care manager informed about the progress of the application.

Boswyns Operational Protocol which describes what the service does and how can be downloaded HERE>

Professionals can download the referral form HERE:

We have a brochure outlining the range of detoxificatation and stabilisation options available at Boswyns.  Please contact us if you would like a copy.  The text of the brochure is available for download HERE

How long do people stay?

The length of stay varies depending on the specific needs of each service user; usually this will be for between 2 to 4 weeks.

Staffing and support

Boswyns detox multi-disciplinary team, which includes qualified nurses and social care staff, provide 24 hour cover. Boswyns also has specialist medical cover from our medical officer. Primary health care is provided by our local GP. Our cook provides full board. We work in close partnership with drug workers, care managers and other professionals. To ensure effective through-care, the initial care plan and discharge arrangements will be agreed between service users, care managers and ourselves prior to admission.

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Bosence provides residential rehabilitation in Cornwall for those recovering from alcohol / drug dependence and is registered with the Care Quality Commission.